Meet Michael Portwood

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I'm Michael Portwood, and I've dedicated my career to advancing business through software development. I focus on innovation, methodologies, management, and technologies enabling business value creation.

My experiences include leading, innovating, architecting, and developing diverse solutions:

My career has taken me from small startups to Fortune 50 corporations and companies sized in between. I've built and helmed two technology startups and a consultancy, and have provided the vision and technological expertise to make them successful. In addition, I've developed and secured the intellectual property rights for these companies, including US and international patent acquisitions.

I regularly speak at international business management and software development conferences on innovation, business leadership, business models, and technology topics.

Innovation Management

Businesses grow value through product and process innovation. Without proper management, these changes can be disruptive and damaging. I have successfully introduced effective innovation management to business process and product development by creating environments that respond to opportunities.

Business innovation demands engaged human capital at every level contributing creatively to a company's value creation.

Enterprise Agility

I view “agile” as enterprise methodologies rather than strictly development approaches because, when properly applied, agile methodologies raise organizations by integrating business processes to create greater value.

I've seen the outstanding financial, productive, and quality improvements possible by transitioning companies, both large and small, from waterfall to agile. These approaches create environments fostering streamlined processes and cross-discipline cooperation. The benefits go well beyond the balance sheet by creating an enjoyable, low turnover work environment.

The full potential of agile methodologies can only be realized with deep organization integration.

Java Development

I've been involved with Java software development since its inception. It singularly gives businesses a technology competitive advantage by removing the platform barrier.

Java technology is best suited for most enterprise business solutions because it allows business to defer and even change hardware and operating systems choices with minimal cost.


Your product will only succeed with proper code coverage regardless of your development paradigm. Unit testing, Test Driven Development (TDD), and Behavior Driven Development (BDD) are only effective if coupled with a systemic approach to quality.

Testing frameworks don't produce world-class solutions, so I have pioneered a process called "Quality on Quality," or QoQ. This process approaches quality from multiple aspects, focusing on the effectiveness of quality assurance along with architectural and other tests to produce guidance for raising software quality. QoQ enhances the software build process by testing the quality of line coverage and branch coverage, along architectural defects. The end result is fewer defects reaching customers.

Approaches like QoQ advance the utility, lifecycle, and quality of software products.

The Future

One of the enjoyable parts of my career has been exploring practical ways to advance the art and science of technology in business. I am constantly exploring promising new management and technology solutions for implementation.

The best is yet to come, and I'm compelled to find and then help refine ideas into practical action.